Dear Africa,

For God so loves Africa that He gave Africa the natural resources, talent, and wealth. For anyone who utilizes them for the good of humanity shall not perish but shall live in leading our great nations.

For the people who make us fight, who exploit the resources to the verge of creating civil wars, poverty and diseases, shall never escape the wrath of God. The only thing left is to repent and be a good example for many generations to come. I salute Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and many others for standing against oppression and being selfless in leading a cause for the sake of others.

For a long time Africa my mother land, you have been associated with diseases, civil conflict and wars, hence the time is now to make a shift in thinking about how we do things for the prosperity of Africa. Some of the culprits of all these undoing aren’t only historical, from the colonial times, but also at present, the lack of implementation of policies and the dictatorial leadership and egocentric people who don’t love you Africa.
All this said and done, there are many things we need to celebrate in Africa; from wealth, flora and fauna of our national resources, talent, hospitality, climate etc. This is why it’s time we celebrate Africa even if there isn’t a day dedicated to you in the calendar year.

Things have happened in the past but we ought to forget and forgive and look at how we can rebuild our institutions by enshrining good leadership and prosperity of our great nations. I promise I will lift you higher and be proud to be an African. I shall connect with everyone from different cultures around the globe from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Australia in fostering peace, love and unity in the World, as I believe change starts with me. I promise with God’s wish I shall work towards making you prouder than ever before, by creating positive change in the continent and spreading it all around the World.

As I conclude this letter, if only Africa you could identify your potentials and utilize it to the betterment of humanity, you can become a super power in terms of a peaceful haven for everyone, and God will continue blessing you abundantly.

Lastly, it is my prayer that this letter will get to you in good time and let your replies be seen in your good deeds in Agriculture, Technology, Sports, Arts and many more for the sake of growth rather than destruction.

Thank you,
Global citizen

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