A Chance to Connect to Change

Football for Hope  #BuidingBridges #Right2Play

We at Wilsen Initiative (Wi) want to thank Sandra Cress, Director for Africa One World Play Project for her generous donation of 10 specially designed footballs sponsored by Chevrolet that is suitable for our pitch at the grassroots levels in communities like in Kibera, Korogocho, Mathare slums and other places around the world.
This is one of our success stories in building connections through the use of social media and other related channels. This is part of our pursuit in mobilizing resources for our community to support the young talents to play with the right materials in a safe space.

chavolet-football2 chavolet-football4 chavolet-football5 chavolet-football6 footballers team-junior wilson-rangers3We invite you to link with us either as individuals or organization in offering your special skills and experiences especially in using football as the main reach out to related social issues that affect young people. Our mission is have many of them transform or choose a positive path in building their careers, talents, skills as responsible citizens.

Part of your donation can be in the form of material (new or used) support for example;

  • Football shoes
  • Training bibs
  • Footballs
  • Track suits
  • Football corns
  • Uniforms
  • Etc.

For further inquiries on how you can link with us for support and information please contact wilson.masaka@gmail.com

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