Our Hero July 2015 – Soccer Shoes Campaign

#BuildingBridges #DoingWhatYouLOve #LovingWhatYouDO

There are many forms of rewards that can motivate the young people to pursue their dreams despite different hurdle in the society.

We at Wilsen Initiative (Wi) runs a soccer shoe campaign that is driven
towards enabling all soccer youngster from Mathare North play in a safe
space with the required gears especially the playing shoes.

bootscampaign2 training4

We invite you to join us by either buying a shoe or help us connect to
a possible sponsor that would help us in the big cause. So far we have been able
to reach more than 40 youngster since the campaign began. Stand to be counted in Building Bridges for prosperity.

So how do I make my contribution?

You may buy the playing shoes UK size number 5 to 9. or send cash and we will organise for the purchase. One quality playing shoes second hand is approximately Kes 1500 ($15) – Kes 1800 ($18) even though it depends with the number and the design / brand. At the sports shops new shoes are very expensive and not that good quality. Please inbox wilson.masaka[at]gmail.com to discuss your preferred option of making your contribution.




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