Second Edition Of Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament U12, 2018.

We are grateful to reach a successful final, Metro Youth F.C emerged the winners after defeating David foundation 2-0 in an entertaining match at the Drive-in Primary School. Seventeen teams participated in this year’s edition and approximately 350 soccer players and 17 coaches participated directly.

At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Soccer for Change / Hope, we encourage young-stars to pursue their soccer talents to the best levels that they can despite the hurdles they face daily. We are dedicated in building bridges and acting as a positive catalyst for the young-stars to pass the hurdles like acquiring soccer balls, soccer shoes and uniforms that would motivate them transit to the next level of professionalism.


Our goal is to have qualified soccer stars with the right skills on and off the pitch which can attract the next level of opportunities from the grassroots.

Our objectives;

  1. Conduct soccer clinics where the players learn skills for on / off the pitch (soccer skills, employ-ability skills and 21st century skills).
  2. Organize annual soccer tournaments for U12, U14 and senior teams.
  3. Mobilize for soccer shoes and uniforms, among other important gears required to nurture grassroots talent.
  4. Conduct first aid clinics, for grassroots soccer clubs.
  5. We use soccer to drive forward social change.
  6. Networking with other youth-led groups to foster peace and other social activities using soccer.
  7. Use soccer as an agent for change whereby facilitating the teams in local and regional tournaments.
  8. Using soccer as a tool to drive positive social transformation.
  9. (Lifelong Learning) Learning other life-skills through soccer for example leadership and self esteem In case you want to make a contribution our doors are still open.
  10. Mobilize resources for U12, U14 and U16 clubs/ teams.

Our vision is to see all soccer stars in Mathare North to have a soccer shoe that will protect them from injuries inflicted on them due to poor or dangerous pitch that they only have at the grassroots. Resources like soccer shoes, balls and uniforms are the bare basics a team requires but most of the teams at the grassroots struggle to reach the necessary networks or even mobilize for the funds to purchase the material and equipments. On our side, it has been a big challenge to conduct the yearly tournament in a sequential manner due to lack of funds. The first edition of the tournament was conducted in 2016, since then we haven’t been a position to successfully mobilize for the required funds and resource to run a successful tournament.

This year’s tournament was sponsored by Moses Wambia who is one the young leaders in Mathare North. We thank him for the awards (trophy, winners uniforms, runners up uniforms, balls etc.). On the other hand, we thank Alive and Kicking for donating soccer balls to each team that participated.

Lastly, we want to thank all the volunteer referees, all coaches, Banda, Onyi, Mark, Masaka, Wambia and Daddy for their support in making the tournament a success and we hope the senior (7th edition MNFSST-2018 Seniors) will be successful too.

We continue to encourage the well wishers to donate time, balls, uniforms, conns or anything that would help young soccer star reach their desired levels. Get in touch with for any contributions or support.

Dnation box: Here is a list you can choose from ;

  1. Sponsor tournament.
  2. Donate uniforms.
  3. Donate soccer balls and soccer cons.
  4. Training bibs.
  5. Training hours.
  6. Facilitate outdoor trip for the team (exposure visits and friendly matches).
  7. Resource Mobilization. (time and expertise).
  8. Soccer boots / shoes.

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