Wi – effect! Wilsen Initiative Story

Wilsen is an initiative registered under the societies in republic of Kenya. We seek to empower and encourage young people to use their skills and talents for prosperity. The platforms connects professionals, students, innovators, creative etc., through co-creation events organized by Wilsen Initiative (Wi). We seek to establish a creative economy using our programs namely; – Women Make IT Happen, Skill Up, Plus One Talent and Soccer initiative. Wilsen in an acronym which stands for;

W – Willingness to learn
I – Taking initiative
L – Learning to Learn
S – Defining Success
E – Exploring new way of doing things
N- Networking for common good

The Wi-effect!

Willingness, Initiative, Learning, Success, Exploration and Networking

Our mission: Train youth in 21st century skills towards developing positive change models in the society.
Train youth in 21st century skills that will help them develop positive change models in informal settlements in Kenya. We envisage a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change by using their talents and skills.

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