From the bits and pieces..

 Wilsen Initiative was born through its founder Wilson Masaka aka Wilsenx…
Live the dream...“Wilsen-x is my brand name I’m a charming guy who like’s working with everyone from all race and creed. I love learning new things, socializing and making new friends, exploring new cultures and most especially inspiring the youth in my community and also all over the world through what I’m doing. One thing I have come to learn in the bits and pieces of my life, there is always something, somewhere, somebody or anything of the sort that motivates and inspires you or the opposite. I would urge all the youth around the world to believe in themselves and think about life as a positive vibe.
In my bits and pieces of my life I have achieved a lot but still working hard to achieve more and more. Sky is the limit for me and it’s never enough, I keep on going on and on…”

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