How We Do It

We train youth in skills that facilitate critical and creative thinking processes in tackling social-economic challenges in the society. Our vehicles or tools for outreach are soccer for change program and training boot camps in life-skills, digital literacy, financial literacy, creative entrepreneurship and art boot camps.

Our program are designed to be the centre for sharing information, sparking conversation, and supporting youth in identifying and establishing new networks while pursuing their career paths.

Shared Values: Sharing, Inspirational leadership, Creativity, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Peer Education, Volunteering, Role modeling, Team work, Diversity, Determination, Success, Peace & Unity, Diversity, Giving back philosophy, Sports for development, Social Inclusion, Passion, Talent, Skills, Empathy, Personal Brand and Self-belief etc.

Some of topics that we address during training boot camps, workshops, events and inspiration talks are;

  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Personal Branding
  • Financial literacy
  • Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Business skills
  • Talent management
  • Strategic use of communication and media
  • Social and behavioral change thinking
  • Technical skills ( Graphic design, web design, photography and social media marketing)