(POT) Plus One Talent

Our Slogan: Path to Self Discovery

Key words: Arts & Culture, Leadership, Change makers, Social Entrepreneurs, Tech4Change, Sports for Change, Self Mastery, Global citizenship and Diversity.


At Wilsen Initiative (WI) we believe in collaborating with like minded people in change making to reach a common goal. There are many social enterprises with a lot of similarity that seeks to address the same issues, and for a great idea to stand and survive you need support of all kinds. It’s evident that apart from having a great idea you need a passionate team and resources which include funds to drive your project.

People with strong networks have always been able to reach their goals through a collaborative approach. POT (Plus One Talent) will foster an environment where change makers will collaborate and widen their reach and bargain for support while they encourage each others ideas to grow. Apart from talents, we have reserves of many other things that we can do, it is our responsibility to dig inside ourselves and find that extra hidden treasure for positive change.

The word POT also represents the cooking POT where in African cultures, it is used to cook food for the family. It is still in use in the modern times and we will use it to symbolize our roots of self discovery and ‘cooking’ of ideas.

What is POT?

POT is a community or an alliance of social entrepreneurs working together with an aim of tackling challenges that affects youths. The team constitutes of skilled and experienced youth leaders who have worked in many fields of expertise, for example in ICT, Training delivery, Management, Sports for development, Theater, Art management, etc.

We are a group young people with the intentions to lead and impact the World around us through our courage, talent, skills, initiative and innovation. The POT program (Plus One Talent) targets young people between 16 yrs – 35 yrs who comes from diverse backgrounds in Kenya.

Our target is to train on subjects that will enhance skills development and talent nurturing with an aim of raising awareness about promoting self discovery and cultures that seek to strive for transformation of different realities.

Main Objectives:

  • To connect the young people with the extras that they need to grow their skills, and especially their talents which are unique and needs to be tapped into and managed wisely by themselves.
  • To create a Collaborative Culture (CC)
  • To strive for transformation of different realities.
  • To create a platform for creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity.
  • To stimulate positive change in the society.
  • To encourage open dialogue, where youth and critical thinkers can connect.
  • To create opportunities of freedom of speech and thought (self esteem).
Kate Syprine footballer and Member of Girls Unlimited

Kate Syprine footballer and Member of Girls Unlimited

Luis from Mexico, Acumen Global fellow

Luis from Mexico, Acumen Global fellow


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