Project Overview

About Wilsen Initiative

About Wilsen Initiative

The idea of Wilsen Initiative is to spot talents and nurture it to the right direction by providing the much needed platforms for a young person to grow and express themselves starting with Mathare slums in Nairobi and all over Kenya by connecting with the realities and possibilities in life. Some of the important life-skills worth learning for a young person to take lead in their life and become a responsible citizen are for example; developing a positive attitude, self discipline, patience’s, hard-work, tolerance, goal setting abilities, personal branding and being a positive change maker (positive role model). We shall achieve all the above by developing activities around sports for develop concept using the following three core programs;
a) Sports tourism – The main objective of sports tourism is to have a football club which is professionally managed that will give the youths opportunities to learn new cultures, skills and meet new friends. The value sports has in a young person life is immense for example through sport you learn important virtues like teamwork, respect, tolerance etc. The program will encompass a series of friendly matches and tournament participation in Nairobi and around Kenya.
b) Discussion forums   & Motivational talks – The main objective of this program is to connect the youths with mentors who will provide advice on careers, market trends and social entrepreneurship ventures among other issues. We shall narrow the gap between the youths in the informal settlements and mentors (role models) in the business class and professional sports personalities through bi-monthly discussion forums at a convenient locations. The idea is to give hope to the hopeless and create linkages amongst diverse groups in our society. People have succeed in life through many means, our key highlights and focus will be people who have succeed using sports, academics, business and not forgetting using their talents. Our key emphasis is in education supported by life skills and talents, I envisage a community where the youths take on responsibility to learn from and with others and follow their interests and talents.

C) Mambo digital program: Mambo means what’s up or hi… in a slang language widely spoken in the informal settlement in Nairobi. In a conversation it goes Mambo? (What’s up or hi) Answered with Poa! (I’m cool). Mambo digital would open the cool avenue for youths to interact with people around and beyond while equipping them with relevant skills of sourcing credible information, publishing positive content, security issues and threats, creativity and innovation etc.

Target group

Wilsen Initiative will work with youth from the informal settlements of Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya who are vulnerable to social, economical and political challenges. The program will also be open to youths from other slums but our offices will be established in Mathare North community for a start.
We shall work with both boys and girls from ages 18yrs – 30yrs whereby empowering them with education from ICT skills, creative skills, life skills, reproductive health, sports facilitation, simple book keeping etc. We shall also organize youth exchange programs with like-minded youth organizations.


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