Story Line – Building the Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Brand

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Social Entrepreneurship can be such a lonely journey with a lot to give as the founder while juggling many things at the same time for example; family, work, life, dream project, burnouts, success points, failures, learning, delegating, finding the right match for the team, collaboration, networking, opportunities, disappointments etc.

If you believe in the idea you won’t GIVE UP despite the limiting resources that are hard to come by. Step by step you can still achieve more with less… The starting point shouldn’t be pegged only to money!

At Wilsen we are the stage that even more is required of us to meet the vision, especially on raising funds, co-creating, building a strong team that would take the idea to the next level. If you are the person we are looking for please get in touch with us through

In the coming months we shall be working on strategies on how best to do it together… Moving from ideas into ACTION ZONE.

Article written by Wilson Masaka