Learning: Listen & Do – Plus One Talent

Date: 4th April 2015
Venue: GoDown Art Center
Concept: Learning: Listen & Do


During the Easter holiday on 4th April 2015 we had our first youth forum dubbed POT ( Plus One Talent) #BuildingTheBridges, the forum is based on promoting self-discovery, awareness, personal development while also creating a collaborative culture of sharing skills and knowledge. The overall pivot point being 1% IDEAS and 99% ACTION, we target young people from registered community based organizations from the 18 – 30 years who are actively involved in community development projects. Our team is made up of young professionals and experts from diverse field who act as mentors, coach and facilitators of the Plus One Talent (POT).

The event was an invite only due to limited resources; we had the pleasure of having the Majimazuri Center from Mathare, Angaza Sports and development center from Thika and Wilsen members fully represented. On the other hand, we had the great pleasure ofhaving two great inspirational and creative leaders who facilitated the session, namely; Mr. Wilson Masaka the founder of Wilson Initiative currently the Hub Manager at Kilimanjaro Film Institute (Moving Tanzania) and Mr. Patrick Mukabi aka panye who is an international renowned artist based at the Depo arts centre at the Kenya Railways Museum.

Wilson Masaka’s session in summary

Wilson gave a comprehensive introduction of Wilsen Initiative (Wi) concept and key highlights for the main event dubbed POT (Plus One Talent). He also gave an inspiration talk while challenging the participants to take positive initiative in relations to what surrounds them as a source of inspiration and opportunity while loving what they do, and doing what they love.

Doing session: Later the team was challenge on building the tallest tower with the given resources following some guideline that required the team to strategize and work as team.

Patrick Mukabi’s session in summary

Patrick aka ‘Panye; took the team through a drawing process which was really interactive and was geared towards awareness and problem solving techniques among other important life skills. The exercise was titled drawing a representation of our society and how we view things.

Key delivery points;

  • Team works
  • Resource versus resourcefulness
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity

Wilsen Initiative is a registered community based initiative under the society act of Kenya. Since inception, we have been conducting inspirational forums, football tournaments and learning exchange forums with a mission of motivating the young people to pursue their talents and skills utilization for prosperity.

Our vision is to have a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change using their talents and skills. We believe after the session the skills acquired will help in self development that will ultimately shape different career choices and our main aim is to raise awareness about promoting self discovery and cultures that seek to strive for transformation of different realities in the young person’s life.