Should I get employed or be self employed?

This is one of the many questions we receive from the sessions we have conducted with youth groups at the community levels. In general being employed is neither easy nor tough it depends with many factors from your competences, education background, work culture, a company’s culture, personal experiences, etc. On the other hand self employment isn’t a’ cup of tea’ like it is portrayed by some well established ventures. There are great opportunities in both being employed or self employed even though it majorly depends with how you make the transitions starting with how you think or even better you can still learn how to connect both scenarios to multiply your revenue streams.

The Gap: Entry Level Jobs with a focus on ICT

There is a low uptake of youth entering the job market in positions that would offer a salary package or remuneration that would help them pivot to the next levels of their desired quality life. On the other hand, there’s a low number of job retention or upgrade to a reasonable contract that allow entry level employees to grow, save and create a stable career pathway.

Skill- UP Program: – Solution at Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

1. We train the youth on how to increase their values by learning extra skills.
2. Create diverse revenue sources and how to establish meaningful partnerships and value oriented team toward self employment opportunities.
3. How to build their desired future while still in employment venture.
4. Establishing the right transition moments before they call it quit.
5. How to start a saving culture, despite your income.

Group assignment

Group assignment

Note: Remember there are many untold stories of quitting a job; think about the how’s, when and what next. Let us open this conversation to the next levels with your youth group to help the trainees to kick start their journey at an earlier stage.

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