Right to Play Safe

There are many resources that are hard to come by, for example football, football shoes, playing grounds, playing time, expertise and qualified (role models) coaches to mentor the young people among others.

Football is part of our program within the 3 pillars of Inspiration, Connectivity and Education (ICE). We run small football clinics and annual tournament in Mathare North for the youth of the ages 14yrs and above.

We have our senior and junior team that we support called Mathare North Rangers F.C. The most challenging is getting the resources as mentioned above. We have tried as we can to keep the spirit of the game going, but sometimes it is hard to use only one ball for about the two teams and in this case you will find the young once been denied the chance to play because the seniors always take the priority.

The football shoes campaign is still on and will call on individual, organizations, sports federation etc; to join hands with us in providing the necessary resources for young people in disadvantages communities who have the passion to play.


Since inception, we have at least reached more 40 young players with nice quality shoes as a way of minimizing unnecessary injuries but also to boost the players’ self esteems from a young age to continue playing and void joining other non productive activities that might lead to the use of drugs and substance abuse or joining crime.

#‎RightToPlaySafe‬ ‪#‎BuildingBridges‬ “ I am happy to connect a young person with a quality football shoes at least every month through the football shoes campaign under Wilsen initiative (Wi). It only takes saving my few lunch money to enable a young star acquire playing shoes. I invite you to join hands with me in creating this bridge together through the philosophy of the change that starts with you.” Wilson Masaka Founder Wilsen initiative (Wi)

Sports for Development There are many sports activities that young people need to be involved in to either pursue their career prospects, build connections, learn life skills, stay healthy, have fun, mentor and coach others, acquire parallel education in relation to sports and many others are the immeasurable linkages and opportunities sports brings in building a social fabric of good citizens of our great nations.


Soccer in Kenya for the Love of the Game

There are probably one thousand reasons why we didn’t qualify for the AFCON 2015, and these range from mismanagement of talents to lack of sustainable youth programs. If Kenya is to be counted as a nation of great soccer players it is time we start supporting the grass-roots clubs by having professionally run academies across the 47 counties that will nurture the youth to prosperity. This is one great vision we would love to achieve through Wilsen Initiative (Wi) (Inspire, Connect and educate) despite the current hardship in the sport. In December 2014 and early January 2015 we watched some grass root tournaments which didn’t promote the game in terms of nurturing the young talents. In my opinion these grass-roots tournaments should be used as a platform to display and tap into new talent.

It’s disappointing to witness our top Kenya Premier League players and some of our national team players dominating in most of the teams, rather than have a maximum number, of let us say three, who may boost their local teams during such tournaments. The question to ask is if Kenyan football is growing or are we still burning out all the young talent and leaving them with no options? Where will the untapped, unsung young talented soccer players be seen and promoted if the system promotes the lock down approach, especial for the local young talented players, without realizing the bigger picture which is slowly burning out. It is time we shift our focus from short term monetary gains and start promoting a new generation that will see us play in big tournaments like the World cup.

One step forward…

We thank Tusker F.C especially head Coach Francis Kimanzi and Our founder Wilson Masaka for organizing the friendly match which was played at the Tusker’s Ruaraka grounds on Saturday 17th January 2015. This is a great and rare opportunity that boosts the morale of players, and we encourage other clubs to follow suit in linking with grass-roots community clubs that don’t feature in any Kenyan leagues but have great talented players…

Kenya has never been short of talent, but it’s in dire need of managers to manage the talents in the right way…

Mathare North Festive Super Tournament 3rd Edition 2014 – 2015.

This is an annual tournament that is organized by the Wilsen Initiative (Wi) and the youth in the community. The tournament always kicks off on 26th December with the finals played on the new year’s celebrations on 1st January. The main objective is to connect the community through soccer during the holiday and beyond, we recognized that not all people travel out of the city during the long festive seasons due to one reason or the other and this leaves the youth with nothing to do but to indulge in other activities that doesn’t add value to their lives.

In this tournament every team is a winner with the main focus not being cash rewards but rather building lasting relationships that will foster peaceful co-existing of people of different communities. This year’s theme was connecting community through soccer and talent display. In a great way we thank all the organizing committee who dedicated their time, skills and resources like making fixtures, communication, officiating etc, all the teams and their supporters for maintaining discipline, peace and fair play through the tournament.


The tournament was a great success! More than 300 spectators per day, 30+ matches, 16 teams, More than 300 soccer players, More than 60hrs of community service!

“A LINE starts with a DOT, to align your life you should always start from somewhere and leave a mark” – Wilson Masaka founder at Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Join us in preparation for the 4th edition of the tournament scheduled for 26th December 2015 to 1st January 2016.


– Donate time and expertise.
– Share your network.
– Collaborate with us in hosting a youth program.
And many more…

Join us  in our programs that involves;
1. short technical training ( workshops)
2. educational excursions
3. Featuring stories of the youth ( Story Yangu)
4. Organizing the annual Mathare North Festive Season Super Tournament.
5. Inspirational talks.

And many more courtesy of Wilsen Initiative model (ICE = Inspiration, Connection and Education)

Inquire for more information at info@wilsenx.com or wilson.masaka@gmail.com