Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Soccer program

Every year we plan and coordinate Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament together with community coaches and volunteer youth leaders. We started tournament in 2011, and yesterday we successful concluded the 8th edition which was well attended.

The Challenge

We don’t have the required resources to live our full desire of helping grassroot clubs and players especially U10 and U12 acquire the right gears for the game from soccer shoes (boots), balls, uniforms etc.

We want to thank all our friends who have come on board sometimes on short notice in helping us acquire balls, uniforms and soccer shoes for the players U10 & U12.


Apart from the annual soccer tournament featuring the seniors, U10 and U12 players we continue to mobilize for resources all through the year for grassroots clubs in Mathare North especially for U10 and U12 teams.

In 2019 we we able to reach 10 young stars with soccer shoes. One senior team, U10 and U12 with branded Wilsen Initiative uniforms.

What next?

Our target is to at least reach 35 young stars and 15 teams with soccer boots, uniforms and balls in 2020.

Areas you can support us in the next edition 2020 tournament ;

Soccer balls, uniforms, officiating, communication, documentary (Video and photography) and awards.

Ongoing activity through the year and areas of possible collaboration;

1. Soccer shoes (boots) campaign for children U10 and U12.
2. Life-skill training for coaches and players.
3. Soccer resource mobilization from balls, shoes, uniforms etc for soccer club in Mathare North.
4 Organizing and sponsoring U10 and U12 tournaments during school holiday

Soccer Shoe Campaign, The Next, Star!

Today we handed over three pair of soccer shoes to three great stars in Mathare North. We want to thank Kamuzi Banda, Kate Syprine Nyarsoja, Esther Mazira, Evaline Akida and Roseline Nanah for making it possible through their contribution in kick-starting the campaign. Our target is to at last reach 20 young stars by 31st Dec 2018. Now we are left with 17 more to go…

I invite you to join me in the annual soccer shoes campaign that seeks to connect young stars in Mathare slums with quality soccer shoes to avoid injuries but also to motivate them in their soccer journeys. The campaign as so far reached more than 300 soccer stars since I started the campaign in the year 2000. This December we want to reach 20 more soccer players. Here we go. A quality second hand shoe cost approximately $18 (Kes 1,800). Get in touch with me through wilson.masaka@gmail.com on how you can make your contributions if you are around in Kenya or abroad.

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Grass Root Soccer in East Africa

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing great! We would like to invite you to join us in a cause to nurture great football talents from the grass-root starting with Mathare slums. The African cup of Nations is over, and looking at the teams that participated we missed again (East Africa). Reaching the World is very possible only if all of us stand up and support the grass-root soccer despite the mismanagement history of the game.

We believe for those who don’t love the game you still stand a chance of making a big difference in someone else dream. By the way, your son or daughter might love the game or you know someone whose life has changed because of the game leave alone Our founder, Origi, Oliech, Wanyama just to mention but a few.

The question is how many didn’t make it to see their dreams ‘blossom’ due to frustration, drug abuse and crime?

There are a lot of talents that goes to waste due to lack of support and mismanagement.

This Easter holiday you can make a difference by donating a pair of football shoes, footballs, uniforms to support nurture the talent.

We invite you to watch this video and share with your wide networks! Grass Root Soccer in East Africa http://youtu.be/DI1YopqyNkM

get in touch through info@wilsenx.com