The Thin Line Between Wealth and Poverty.

There are many myths in the society, one that always catch my attention is; if you are born poor, your will die poor which is totally not true. I believe we can change that notion and misleading stereotypes believe that make young people fear of exploring more about themselves that they can move from comfort zone into new power zone of wealth creation and prosperity.

Here I’m are talking about values, behaviours, character and habits that we need to learn to acquire wealth and stay afloat in these economical tough times which will save our next generation from the same poverty chains and cycles.



  1.  Develop good character, behaviour and habits.
  2.  Love what you do, do what you love.
  3. Self discovery everyday.
  4. Passion, Purpose and Focus
  5. Invest in infinite learning ( education).
  6. Networks with like minded people.
  7. Research on your field of practice to build a stable career path.
  8. Go for the opportunities.
  9.  Embrace constant change ( Change is inevitable)
  10. Develop a savings and investment plan.
  11. Use your Unique Selling Point (Talent and Skills).
  12. Create opportunities yourself.
  13. Build the future don’t wait for it to happen.
  14. Budgeting and timelines.


  1. Do nothing…
  2. Wait and See attitude!
  3. Fear of failure, never try anything.
  4. Stay with your ideas and dreams at the same stage forever.
  5. Happy of the status quo.
  6.  Happy with the comfort zone.
  7. Copy other people’s dreams and forget yours.
  8. Lacks consistency and clear plan.
  9. Think money is everything!
  10. Blame the past.
  11. Self doubt and pity.
  12. Spend everything and tomorrow will take care of itself approach and attitute.


Tips and Key lesson highlight
Career Mapping / Plan.

Step 1: Choose your ideal career. Place it at the center.
Step 2: Link it to your interest, vision, skills, values, goals, education requirement.

You may branch out further, make sure the process follows the SMART principle.

You may consult with your friends and mentors in the field of your choice.


Article written by
Wilson Masaka