Grass Root Soccer in East Africa

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing great! We would like to invite you to join us in a cause to nurture great football talents from the grass-root starting with Mathare slums. The African cup of Nations is over, and looking at the teams that participated we missed again (East Africa). Reaching the World is very possible only if all of us stand up and support the grass-root soccer despite the mismanagement history of the game.

We believe for those who don’t love the game you still stand a chance of making a big difference in someone else dream. By the way, your son or daughter might love the game or you know someone whose life has changed because of the game leave alone Our founder, Origi, Oliech, Wanyama just to mention but a few.

The question is how many didn’t make it to see their dreams ‘blossom’ due to frustration, drug abuse and crime?

There are a lot of talents that goes to waste due to lack of support and mismanagement.

This Easter holiday you can make a difference by donating a pair of football shoes, footballs, uniforms to support nurture the talent.

We invite you to watch this video and share with your wide networks! Grass Root Soccer in East Africa

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