About us

About Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

We are a team of young professionals, role models and change makers who inspire and educate our peers to use their talents and skills for positive social change.

  • Mission: Our mission is to develop positive young change-makers in informal settlement in Kenya.
  • Vision: Our vision is to have a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change by using their talents and skills.

Wilsen Initiative spots talents and nurture it to the right direction by providing the much needed platforms for a young person to grow and express themselves starting with Mathare slums in Nairobi and later all over Kenya.

wi-design-ThinkingHow we do it;

We train youth in skills that facilitates  learning and good leadership style by connecting with the realities and possibilities in life . We use football to drive forward positive social change. Some of topics that we address during workshops and inspiration talks are as follows;

  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Personal Branding
  • Financial literacy
  • Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Business skills
  • Talent management
  • Strategic use of communication and media
  • Social and behavioral change thinking

Our program are designed to be venues for sharing information, sparking conversation, and supporting youth in identifying and establishing new networks.

Slogan / Tagline: The champion in you…
Shared Values: Sharing, Inspirational leadership, Creativity, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Peer Education, Volunteering, Role modeling, Team work, Diversity, Determination, Success, Peace & Unity, Diversity, Giving back philosophy, Sports for development, Social Inclusion, Passion, Talent, Skills , Personal Brand and Self-belief.

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) operates under the three pillars called ICE.

INSPIRE: “Story Yangu” -StoryLine: We feature the lives of youths from the informal setting in the form of videos, articles, pictures, etc. and Thereafter organize an exhibition to celebrate their work. This is a good way of capturing time whereby we share with other communities around the World to create a lasting impact that eventually will create the snowball effect in promoting good citizenship. We target youth doing business, sports and those that uses their talents and other related skills to earn a living or even shape their future.

CONNECT: Under connect project we use football as an agent for change starting by running a football club.  Currently we have Mathare North Rangers F.C, which was established in 2011 with the view of nurturing talents and to provide leadership skills using the platform. The aim is to get the youth from indulging in vices that hinders them from developing their talents and skills. The unique aspiration of the club isn’t in playing in the premier league but to use the team as a torch for hope in connecting all the tribes in Kenya starting with the younger generation.

EDUCATE: We share skills and transfer knowledge from generations through programs developed by experts from diverse backgrounds, especially from the informal settlements who have made it to higher level of learning. We tap into local solutions and understanding from people who live or used to live in the community that faces challenges that we work towards uplifting. The training involves ICT, Inspirational leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Peace building workshops and events.


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