About us

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) is an initiative registered under the societies in Republic of Kenya. We seek to empower and encourage young people to use their skills and talents for prosperity. The platforms connects professionals, students, innovators, creatives etc, through co-creation events organized by Wilsen Initiative (Wi). We seek to establish a creative economy using our programs namely;- Women Make IT Happen, Skill Up, Plus One Talent and Soccer initiative.

Wilsen initiative (Wi) was founded in 2009 by Wilson Masaka as idea to champion positive change that starts with an individual by sharing our story and learning journey. We follow the Theory U (https://www.presencing.org/#/aboutus/theory-u) , that born the slogan the Champion in you. In 2011 we officially registered the initiative under the societies in Republic of Kenya.

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) operate under three pillars namely;

  • Inspiration – We share stories of our journey to spark the ripple effect in positive chain of events in the society.
  • Connectivity – We encourage networking, Co-creation in building a more sustainable society with like minded individuals and institutions.
  • Education – In support of SDG4. We advocate for quality education and lifelong learning.

Featured under our ICE model

INSPIRE: “Story Yangu” -StoryLine: We feature the lives of youths from the informal setting in the form of videos, articles, pictures, etc. and Thereafter organize an exhibition to celebrate their work. This is a good way of capturing time whereby we share with other communities around the World to create a lasting impact that eventually will create the snowball effect in promoting good citizenship. We target youth doing business, sports and those that uses their talents and other related skills to earn a living or even shape their future.

CONNECT: Under connect project we use football as an agent for change starting by running a football club.  Currently we have Mathare North Rangers F.C, which was established in 2011 with the view of nurturing talents and to provide leadership skills using the platform. The aim is to get the youth from indulging in vices that hinders them from developing their talents and skills. The unique aspiration of the club isn’t in playing in the premier league but to use the team as a torch for hope in connecting all the tribes in Kenya starting with the younger generation.

EDUCATE: We share skills and transfer knowledge from generations through programs developed by experts from diverse backgrounds, especially from the informal settlements who have made it to higher level of learning. We tap into local solutions and understanding from people who live or used to live in the community that faces challenges that we work towards uplifting. The training involves ICT, Inspirational leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Peace building workshops and events.



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