Our Programs

Plus One Talent (1% ideas, 99% action

Plus One Talent is a platform that encourage creativity and innovation through artistic expression. We work with in / out of school youth and pupils.  We organize creative sessions that uses motivational talks and artistic session through music, creative writing and painting. We also provide outdoors activities during picnic or team building sessions for schools and groups.

 Overall Objective: To create a platform for creativity and innovation that promotes diverse ways of promoting long-life learning through collaborative culture, positive transformation, skills and talent development.

Expected Outcomes;

  • Establishment of a strong youth network that supports lifelong learning through skills sharing and art expression.
  • Establishment of authentic content creators among the youth journey either as bloggers, digital artistic, visual artist, photographers, painters etc.


We offer master classes and boot-camps for youth groups, individuals and schools. We also host boot-camps events that aims at inspiring, connecting and educating the participants towards building their personal brands, business or careers. We want to bridge the gap between skills acquisition and quality training whereby encouraging lifelong learning, spirit of giving back, job creation, entrepreneurship and partnerships.

Our Model – A minimal fee is charged to help us sustain the trainings that is done at the client’s location or hosted at an appropriate venue. A percentage of the income received through training and related services is donated back in supporting our soccer initiative and hosting free Plus One Talent boot-camps for kids under the age of 14 years.

 We offer master classes and boot-camps in:

  • Photography
  • Graphic design, Web design and development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Blogging
  • Painting classes.
  • Creative writing
  • Internet research
  • Personal Branding

Duration: It depends with the subject to be covered but a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 10 days is required for quality delivery. Number of participants: Minimum 5 people to maximum of 30 people in attendance.

 Soccer Initiative

Soccer For Hope : We run a soccer club that seeks to connect the young soccer players with clubs in Kenya through high level friendly matches and tournaments. The main objective is to expose the exceptional talents for a chance to be recruited in any of the professional clubs and institutions. The team goes by the name Mathare North Rangers F.c which is also one of the platforms for youth expression in sport and social inclusion.

Through the club we open new avenues for youth to learn other skills like leadership, teamwork, responsible citizenship, peace building and community development. Soccer is our greatest vehicle in breaking all barriers of discrimination, tribalism, crime etc. We support and urge the youth to focus their energies in participating in positive chains of event that promotes social inclusion, peace, unity, economic development among others. Never underestimate the power of sports.
“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. It has a power to unite people in a way that little else does.”
– Nelson Mandela

Expected Outcomes

  • Establishment of a strong grassroots soccer club that is driven toward supporting good role modeling in the society.
  • Improved system of mentor and mentees network that is geared towards teams’ growth.

Main activities

  • Football clinics for the young people between 12yrs to 14yrs.
  • Annual community tournament for youth between 12 yrs to 14yrs
  • Annual community tournament for youth over 16 yrs.

Right to Play Safe

There are many sports activities that young people need to be involved in to either pursue their career prospects, build connections, learn life skills, stay healthy, have fun, mentor and coach others, acquire parallel education in relation to sports and many others are the immeasurable linkages and opportunities sports brings in building a social fabric of good citizens of our great nations.

There are many resources that are hard to come by, for example football, football shoes, playing grounds, playing time, expertise and qualified (role models) coaches to mentor the young people among others. Soccer is part of our program within the three pillars of Inspiration, Connectivity and Education (ICE). We run small football clinics and annual tournament in Mathare North for the youth of the ages 12 yrs and above.

We have our senior and junior team that we support called Mathare North Rangers F.C. The most challenging is getting the resources to support our work. We have tried as we can to keep the spirit of the game going, but sometimes it is hard to use only one ball for about the two teams and in this case you will find the young once been denied the chance to play because the seniors always take the priority.

Main Objective

To mobilize resource that will enable the young star pursue their soccer dream in a safe spaces whereby using the right gears.

Main Activities:

Soccer shoes campaign:

We call on individual, organizations, sports federation etc; to join hands with us in providing the necessary resources for young people in disadvantages communities who have the passion to play. Since inception, we have at least reached more 300 young players with nice quality shoes as a way of minimizing unnecessary injuries but also to boost the players’ self esteems from a young age to continue playing and void joining other non productive activities that might lead to the use of drugs and substance abuse or joining crime.

“ I am happy to connect a young person with a quality football shoes at least every month through the football shoes campaign under Wilsen initiative (Wi). It only takes saving my few lunch money to enable a young star acquire playing shoes. I invite you to join hands with me in creating this bridge together through the philosophy of the change that starts with you.” Wilson Masaka Founder Wilsen initiative (Wi)


Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST) is a tournament that is organized by Wilsen Initiative (Wi) and youth leaders in the community. The main aim of the tournament is to bring the youth together during the December holidays through soccer activities. The first edition was in 2002.


  • Encourage peaceful association through soccer.
  • Promote soccer talent in the community
  • Actively engage the youth in soccer as a way to keep off drugs and substance abuse.


Women Make It Happen is a platform within Wilsen Initiative (Wi) championed by the ladies in encouraging fellow ladies to take part / lead in community service, giving back initiatives, leadership, technology, business and sports as away of social economic well being.


  • School reach out programs
  • Training boot-camps and motivational sessions

Partnership Prospects

We are currently looking for strategic partners (corporate, training institutions, individuals or NGO) who we can join efforts in reaching out to many ‘disconnected’ youth in the society through skill share, knowledge share, employability skills training, TOT etc.

Main purpose for Partnership:

Mobilize resources to facilitate training of at least 200 youth this year in 21st Century skill with a more focus on SDG4. Lifelong learning and quality education.

Expected impact: Create an avenue for learning and influencing sustainable change which will result into employment ventures.

More about us; Wilsen Initiative (Wi) – Skill Up Bootcamps [ Video & Theory Of Change] April 2018 Skill UP Event at The GoDown https://lnkd.in/eCBra6i

Theory Of Change: https://lnkd.in/ehg2hi8

Website: www.wilsen-initiative.org

Youtube: Wilsen Initiative


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