Background Information    

Youth from the disadvantaged backgrounds from the informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya experience a lot of challenges for example peer pressure, drug abuse, lack of capital, early pregnancy, school drop-outs, lack of recreational spaces and facilities, idleness, jobless – just to mention a few.  There are a lot of youth related organizations in Nairobi, Kenya who are geared towards sports, community services, music etc; that seeks to engage the youth in making sure they get opportunities to make themselves resourceful in our communities. We believe there is still much that needs to be done by connecting the youth with ‘themselves’, whereby challenging them to be critical thinkers and positive change makers in their communities despite all the challenges that surrounds them. Youth need to be challenged more and urged to be proactive in determining their future and that is one of the goals of  Wilsen Initiative. Read More >>

About Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Our philosophy at  Wilsen Initiative (Wi) is to spot talents and nurture it to the right direction by providing the much needed platforms for a young person to grow and express themselves starting with Mathare slums in Nairobi and eventually all over Kenya.

Some of the important life-skills  worth learning for a young person to take lead in their life and become a responsible citizen are for example; developing a positive attitude, self discipline, patience’s, hard-work,  tolerance, goal setting abilities, personal branding and being a positive change maker (positive role model).  We shall achieve all the above by using football as a tool to drive positive social transformation. Read more >>

How it all Started.

Wilsenx- Brand

Wilsenx- Brand – From a t-shirt idea to a noble concept!

Wilsen-x a brand  name of our founder who is a charming guy who like’s working with everyone from all race and creed. He loves learning new things, socializing and making new friends, exploring new cultures and most especially inspiring the youth in our communities and also all over the world through his acquired skills and talents.  Read more from the founder of Wilsen Initiative >>



3 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is fantastic and giving us hope as youth that there is alot we can do to change our destiny and future.However am wondering whether the youth from other countries like uganda can access some of these opportunities and if not do u have that in ur long term plan?Thank u and God bless u

    • Thanks Munezero, currently we are at the set up stage (infant) looking for funds to roll out the full program. The program can be duplicated in other countries but I can’t promise when we shall venture in other countries. We first need to establish our roots in Kenya. Generally if there is anyone who would like to work and walk with us through this journey you are most welcome.

  2. Wilson
    This is such an innovative way of engaging the youth and in your own words ‘getting them to connect with themselves’ as sports is many a young person’s passion and refuge from the rigours of living and growing up in a tough environment that excludes the ‘have nots’ from growth opportunities!! I believe through sports and ICT you will be able to give the youth you work with hope which they so desperately need. I commend your initiative and will look at creating synergies with your wonderful program with the work we plan to do in Uganda with youth in some of the same ways you have pioneered. Wilson i hope to see your organisation in times to come evolving in a sports academy growing talent and producing future Balotelis.!!! God Bless You and Your Work!!!

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