The Gap in the Society.

We see a problem in our society, where many young people from the ages of 16 yrs to 35 yrs face a lack of opportunities to develop their personal skills to the best possible degree they want. What we see, is a school system mainly driven by the preparation for employment and less emphasis on self-employment. The development of personal skills and interests in art  (like painting, photography, dance, sport, music etc) and talent is not part of the core curriculum. This situation leaves young people, who wish to dig deeper into these fields, alone and without support on their journey of exploring and utilizing their skills and talents for prosperity.

Many young out on the streets, just “hanging out”, getting in touch with, from our perspective, negative influencing factors like violence, drugs, tribalism as a method for them to express themselves, to get the feeling of being accepted, to get the sense of belonging to a peer group or other social groups. In addition, we see a lack of, again in our perspective, positive role models, who can help young people to find their way, discover their inner strength and desire at an early stage to influence their personal development in a positive way.

Above described causes form the foundation and starting point in our project to move further. But beside to them, we also see some other relevant root causes, which we at least want to note down and consider them as we move forward in helping create a more sustainable community.

There is a general lower acceptance and value seen in areas of entrepreneurship, art and sport since our current society seems to be primarily money driven than also focusing on values for prosperity.

We see a problem in our society, where many young people lack opportunities, knowledge and mentors to develop their very personal skills and talents to the best possible degree they want them to boost their social economic well being. This problem can be understood across five main subjects;

  1. Access to quality education
  2. Employ-ability skills
  3. Skills and Knowledge transfer
  4. Lifelong learning
  5. Emerging digital gaps.

Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy

Our mission : Train youth in 21st  century skills towards developing positive change models in the society.

Train youth in 21st century skills that will help them develop positive change models  in informal settlements in Kenya. We envisage a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change by using their talents and skills.

Our Mandate: We aspire to mentor self-confident young people who inspire positive social change in the society using their talents and skills.

Our vision: An institution which inspires excellence, skills transfer and lifelong learning in Africa.

Our Philosophy – The infinite learning curve of SELF journey.

  • Become a Self- Expert – Understand your passion, create your values etc.
  • Do the Impossible – Learn new skills, create a new innovation etc.
  • Surround YOURSELF with PASSIONATE & RESOURCEFUL people – Join a network that inspires you to do what you love and encourages sharing.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. Jim Rohn

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. – Aristotle

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is fantastic and giving us hope as youth that there is alot we can do to change our destiny and future.However am wondering whether the youth from other countries like uganda can access some of these opportunities and if not do u have that in ur long term plan?Thank u and God bless u

    • Thanks Munezero, currently we are at the set up stage (infant) looking for funds to roll out the full program. The program can be duplicated in other countries but I can’t promise when we shall venture in other countries. We first need to establish our roots in Kenya. Generally if there is anyone who would like to work and walk with us through this journey you are most welcome.

  2. Wilson
    This is such an innovative way of engaging the youth and in your own words ‘getting them to connect with themselves’ as sports is many a young person’s passion and refuge from the rigours of living and growing up in a tough environment that excludes the ‘have nots’ from growth opportunities!! I believe through sports and ICT you will be able to give the youth you work with hope which they so desperately need. I commend your initiative and will look at creating synergies with your wonderful program with the work we plan to do in Uganda with youth in some of the same ways you have pioneered. Wilson i hope to see your organisation in times to come evolving in a sports academy growing talent and producing future Balotelis.!!! God Bless You and Your Work!!!

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