In summary – FAQ’s

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

We see a problem in our society, where many young people lack opportunities and mentors to develop their very personal skills and talents to the best possible degree they want them to boost their social economic well being.

  • Access to quality education
  • Personal branding – soft skills
  • Knowledge and skills transfer
  • Lack of reliable mentors
  • Youth employ-ability
  • Lifelong learning (creative and innovative learning)
  • The value of giving back
  • The digital gaps – emerging trends

Who is your key audience?

  • Young people between 16yrs to 35 years.
  • Children 10 yrs to 16 yrs.
  • Youth.
  • Middle career level youth.
  • Community youth groups.

What is your entry point to reaching your audience?

  • Partnership with community based groups
  • Social media platforms
  • Individual immediate circles.

What steps are needed to bring about change?

  • Establish a network of professional mentors and facilitators
  • Hosting of master classes and Boot camps at different locations.

What are the wider benefits of your work?

  •  Short or long paid assignment for the youth in ICT.
  • Helping young people and organization share their stories digitally (Blogs, video and photography documentary.
  • Networking and collaboration among participants and the stakeholders

What is the long-term change you see as your goal?

  • Establishment of a resource centre where youth will be trained in digital literacy, creative expression (art) mentor-ship and employ-ability program.
  • A network of youth working together in sharing skills and knowledge for social economic well being of the next generation.