Living the dream…


Everybody is a winner; we have something unique that we can do. We believe in sharing, creating, educating and inspiring champions in our society.
“Life is interesting when you get to experience both side of the coin… You learn to appreciate what you have and don’t have.. !” Wilsenx (Wilson Masaka founder of Wilsen Initiative)

Wilsen initiative envisages narrowing ‘me and the World’ gap in youth, whereby helping youth realize their full potential in achieving their desired goals and dreams in life through simple steps. For example through self reflection many youth will positively change their self esteem and face the realities of life. We foster youth empowerment through peer to peer learning and networking with other youth groups.


  • Goal 1: To connect the youths with realities and possibilities in life to become responsible citizens and take lead in shaping their future.
  • Goal 2:  To inspire the youths to be positive role models in our society.
  • Goal 3: To educate the youth through life-skills and mentor-ship program that will teach them important values in life.
  • Goal 4: To spot talents in football and nurture it to the right direction by providing the much needed platforms for a young person living in the slums of Nairobi to grow as a professional footballer.

Our vision is to empower the youths to be critical thinkers and change makers in our society through networking, sports, education and skills transfer from one generation to the other.