The Founders Digest 101

Are you searching for a co-founder, mentor or coach? Are you in the process of recruiting a team around your social enterprise or project?
Believe me or not, it is a tough journey that only the prepared, persistent and patient mind can conquer. A part from funds for running the enterprise finding the right, or rather perfect match for your team and the idea is the biggest headache or hurdle which needs to be juggled carefully. Remember, once you introduce people to your idea that you have been conceptualizing for many years, people will always try to bring in the missing bricks or sometime remove the strongest bricks within the foundation. So how do you go about it? Maybe this is the question you might be asking, below are some of the great tips I have learnt in the process of implementing Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

#Top 10 Tips

  1. Find people with the shared values which also are in line with the enterprise.
  2. Find people who can compliment what you are already doing
  3. Recruit the DOERS: Creative thinkers, strategic thinkers and critical thinkers.
  4. Love the process, observe keenly, active listening and decision making skills.
  5. Be prepared, Be persistent and Be patient.
  6. Dream IT, Live IT, Love IT and Do IT
  7. Develop a team culture.
  8. Clear documentation; Define team role and explain objective, mission and vision (Why, What, Who, When & How).
  9. Define your decision making and planning process.
  10. Embrace both success and failure.

In a special way I want to thank Patrick Mukabi, Washikadau production, Linnet Wahome, Danstan Ochieng, Penninah Owidhi, Lilian Were and Alex Simmitta for working and walking together with me in implementing the Plus One Talent Forum under the umbrella of Wilsen Initiative (WI). I’m blessed and honored to have connected with the right or rather perfect match for the idea and all of us share these values; #BuildingBridges #SharingSkills #ChangeMaking #MakingOfChampions #GivingBack #TheChampionInYoun #ValuesInsideOut #Talen&Skills #Empathy #Visionary #LifeLongLearning which are in line with the Wilsen Initiative (Wi) vision.
About Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

We are a team of young professionals, role models and change makers who inspire and aspire to educate our peers to use their talents and skills for positive social change.
Our mission is to develop positive young change-makers in informal settlements in Kenya.

Our vision is to have a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change using their talents and skills for prosperity.
There are many people who are willing to join you in your cause just keep on sharing your vision, don’t worry nobody can steal your idea and if they do they can’t implement it with the same zeal like you do.

Meet Our Great Team; Plus One Talent Forum under Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

panye-coloursMr. Patrick Mukabi – Renowned international visual artists aka “Panye” is the Godfather of art in Kenya. His paintings are found in the main international airport in Kenya, JKIA; the ultimate coffee house in Nairobi, Java House; and private collections locally and internationally.


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Unlocking the “Umtaa” Mentality.

Plus One Talent 2nd Edition 20th October 2015 at The GoDown Arts Centre

First and foremost a happy Mashujaa day (Heroes day) in Kenya, as we celebrate the heroes / heroines who liberated and who have made our country proud, we want also to acknowledge you all as heroes in the making or heroes who are already making positive contribution / change in your life and that of others. Don’t underestimate your contribution to the society…

We had a wonderful day; we hope and do believe that you were also inspired to take action after taking one step towards your idea. Here are some pictures, more will be uploaded soon… and if the pictures couldn’t speak then watch out for the video which will be out soon.

Thanks to everyone who made the event a success, and it through pulling together will have our 100%. Think 1% ideas and 99% Action for more about Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Plus One Talent Forum

1% Ideas + 99% Action = 100% Optimum Success
Plus One Talent (POT) organizes training workshops, discussion forums, and inspirational talks for young people between 16 – 35 years, with a target to train on subjects that will enhance skills development and talent nurturing with an aim of raising awareness about promoting self discovery and cultures that seek to strive transformation of different realities.

Objectives include;

  1. Connecting the young people with the extras (Plus One) that they need to grow their skills and especially their talents which are unique and needs to be tapped into and managed wisely by them to avoid exploitation by others.
  2. Creating a collaborative culture which encourages co-creations amongst young people.
  3. Striving for transformation of different realities/ stimulating positive change in the societies through young people’s talents and skills.
  4. Creating a platform for creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity.
  5. Encouraging open dialogue, where youth and other positive social groups can connect.Concept: We take a more participatory approach that engages everyone as an individual or groups.
    Immediate goal: To triggers new patterns for lifelong learning.
    Participants: Maximum 50 who can work in groups of 10 or 5 depending with what the facilitator wants for achieve.

Meet Part of the Team – Plus One Talent


  • Full profiles of the team coming soon!
    From left to right;
  • Ms. Linnette Wahome: Entrepreneur/ Rugby player and web develop
  •  Mr. Dan Ochieng : Entrepreneur/ Hock player and web developer and designer
  • Mrs. Lilian Were: Entrepreneur and Web developer.
  • Mr. Alex Simmitta: Web designer / Developer and Technician
    Missing in the picture;
  • Mr. Wilson Masaka: Social Entrepreneur/ Photographer/ Football coach and web developer.
  • Ms. Peninah Achieng: Entrepreneur and Web designer.

Our Mantra

Doing more than one thing is our mantra as we continue to discover our potentials. We have come together to share and build these bridges for other people to learn and create a bigger network of knowledge economy, by the way most of the life lessons aren’t taught in school we learn through many platforms. You can’t miss to learn the 21st Century Employability skills in whatever career choice, this marks our call for Plus One in whatever you do!

21st Century Employability skills

  1. Communication
  2. Planning and organizing
  3. Teamwork
  4. Problem solving
  5. Self management
  6. Initiative and enterprise
  7. Technology and learning

Our team is on a continuous mission to learn all the above!

We Support UN Sustainable Millennium Development Goals:



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How to Get Involved
The event is supported by contributions from the members, join this team and share your resources in terms of time, expertise, space, funds, material etc. Get in touch with