Wilsen Initiative Skill UP Master Classes

Are you a Youth Group or CBO looking for team of experts to help you sharpen your skill to the next level (Learning Curve)? We are here for you Wilsen Initiative Skill UP MASTER CLASSES (Short Training).
The Wi Experience… Attitude – Skill – Knowledge
Program: Skill-UP Training Bootcamps and Master Classes.
Participants: Youth groups and CBO’s
Venue / Host: CBO’s / Youth Group Office
Number of participants: Foundation: 10 to 30 people or Mastery: 5 to 15 people
Aim and Target Group
We target young people who have finished their secondary, college education ready for the job market and pursuing further education. “Ready To Work”. We also work closely with young people currently in school and mid-career youth running community based organizations or employed with by other organizations.
Our Area of Specialization
Creative entrepreneurship, Soft skills (Lifeskills), Digital
Marketing, Web Development and Graphic Design, Personal Branding,
Painting classes, Financial literacy, Blogging, Photography and Internet Research.
The Wi Experience… Inspire -Connect-Educate
Foundation :- This provides a good basis for acquiring the right Attitude, Skill and Knowledge (Ask Model). Number of sessions to subscribe is between 3 to 10 (equivalent to 3 to 10 days) depending with your need.trained on the half day depending on the chosen subject. Charges at this level Kes 300 per session each person. Number of participants in a session is 10 – 30 people.
Mastery :- This level provides a more in depth skills and knowledge in more technical skills for example, learning the deeper layer of how a website is built, learn how to code with CSS, HTML, PHP, Graphic Design, Web development tools, etc. Charges at this level Kes 500 per session each person.
At least 10 sessions which is equivalent to 10 days. Each session takes 6 hours per day. with number of participants 5 to 15 people.
Note: You may spread the days into Saturdays and Sundays only.