Finals of The 8th Edition Of MNFSST 2019 /2020

All pictures as captured during the finals… Enjoy!

Happy new year 2020, may you have a sporting 2020


8th Edition of Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST) – Senior Teams

This year’s tournament will run from 1st December 2019 to 1st January 2020. A total of 10 teams, more than 300 players will be featured during the tournament. The main aim of the tournament is to create safe space through soccer, especially during the festive season.

During the festive season schools are closed and majority of young people idle around spending time in anything they think is necessary without a second thought and to their detriment during this period youth indulge in vices such as crime, drug abuse, endless parties just to mention but a few. The foundation of the tournament is to create a platform where youth can spend their energy and time in playing or watching grassroots soccer where they connect with each other while they get life-skills from their coaches and community leaders.

Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament U10 & U12

Four Things You Need To Know About

Mathare North Festive Season Tournament

  1. We create safe space for kids during the holidays through soccer.
  2. We use soccer as a vehicle to reach the kids whereby mentoring them to be responsible citizens.
  3. We encourage everyone to make a contribution either in materials, equipment or in kind through coaching.
  4. We promote the kids to play safe by proving soccer shoes through our soccer shoes campaign.

Join us today to enable us reach more than 500 kids per year! Your effort counts.

In pictures;

Wi – effect! Wilsen Initiative Story

Wilsen is an initiative registered under the societies in republic of Kenya. We seek to empower and encourage young people to use their skills and talents for prosperity. The platforms connects professionals, students, innovators, creative etc., through co-creation events organized by Wilsen Initiative (Wi). We seek to establish a creative economy using our programs namely; – Women Make IT Happen, Skill Up, Plus One Talent and Soccer initiative. Wilsen in an acronym which stands for;

W – Willingness to learn
I – Taking initiative
L – Learning to Learn
S – Defining Success
E – Exploring new way of doing things
N- Networking for common good

The Wi-effect!

Willingness, Initiative, Learning, Success, Exploration and Networking

Our mission: Train youth in 21st century skills towards developing positive change models in the society.
Train youth in 21st century skills that will help them develop positive change models in informal settlements in Kenya. We envisage a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change by using their talents and skills.

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Sports For Change – Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST 2019)

Since inception in the year 2011, we have been in the forefront in Mathare slums promoting soccer activities either in conducting soccer clinics, life-skills training and donating training kits to community grassroots clubs in Mathare North. Our biggest success has been running an annual soccer tournament for teams of between U12, U14 and seniors during the Christmas holiday and Easter holiday.


Problem Statement

Majority of the youth and children between 12- 25 years are the most vulnerable when it comes to matters crime, drug abuse, and political intolerance just to mention but a few. The same group also lack the necessary platforms, mentors and resources to help them pursue their talents to the best levels they can. During the festive season there is a risk of indulging in unwarranted activities because schools are closed and everyone falls into a more festive mood of parties and other explorations.

We started the annual tournament to offer a platform where the both the children, the youth and community in general would interact in a competitive safe space, be awarded with the important resources and most important stay away from bad influence in the community. In informal settlements like Mathare and Kibera it is normal routine to find kids roaming the streets engaged in nothing meaningful. Our intervention has helped the children and youth realize their full potentials while also finding a meaningful environment to engage in soccer and life-skills training that helps them grow into responsible citizens.


We use the soccer tournament, soccer clinics, boot camps to sensitize the youth on the issues that affects them directly and indirectly for example drug abuse, technology, peer pressure, education vs. sports among others. Soccer is a great tool that provides a platform for social inclusion while embracing diversity that promotes a peaceful co-existing of people in the society.

Our main focus is addressing the future generation on how they can be agents of positive change through their character, behavior and habits (role modeling). Our activities creates a platform where youth leaders, coaches and players interact. Rarely, the coaches and players receive any form of coaching especially off the pitch that promotes their well-being and interaction with the wider society.

Our objective: Soccer activities

1. To encourage peaceful co-existing of people from different diverse background through soccer.
2. To promote soccer talent in the community where young people participate in meaningful activities away from different vices like drug abuse and crime.
3. Create awareness about playing safe, importance of education and sports.
4. Striving for transformation of different realities / stimulating positive change in the society through young people’s talents and skills.


To meet our set goals, each year we seek support from different people; friends, well-wishers, personal contribution and corporate. Fundraising and resource mobilization are the biggest hurdles in rolling our project fully whereby having a consistent programming that we can promise our target group. You can make contribution by supporting us with funds or in kind.

Below are some of the areas that we need your support or activation;

1. Donate funds to support our program (Soccer initiative or Plus One Talent Boot Camp).
2. Linkages – referrals and connections with ideal partners
3. Time – proposal writing, training during the boot camp, think tank to ideas and training our teams
4. Material support- Mobilize for soccer equipment and materials for our teams
5. Technical support – Documenting our events and interviews in terms of video or photography.
6. A shoe for a soccer star (Right to Play safe Soccer Shoes Campaign) – Donate soccer shoes to players.

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Our Recipe in Cooking Success!


“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”
Bruce Lee

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”
David Frost

“True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.”
John W. Gardner

The Making Of Champions Of Life, the Champion in YOU!

Bridging the Gaps…

Wilsen is a true story of a young person working hard in a society where there seems to be no opportunities with predisposed challenges from family life, community life, access to better education, peer pressure etc.

We see a problem in our society, where many young people at the age from 16yrs to 30yrs face lack of opportunities to develop their very personal skills to the best possible degree they want them. What we see, is a school system, that is mainly driven by the preparation for employment, focusing on the relevant skills to fulfil employers need – while the development of personal skills, talents and interests in art (like painting, photography, dance, music etc.) is not part of the core curriculum. Which leaves young people, who wish to dig deeper into these fields, alone and without support on this journey…

WILSEN is an Acronym which stands for;

  • Willpower: Everybody has the power of choice which determines the consequences of how our future will look like.
  • Inspiration: Ask the What, Who, Where, When, How? In connection to finding what inspires you in driving positive change, self discovery, career mapping, role models etc.
  • Learning: Self learning is the greatest tools you have in your personal tool box of capacity building. Your learning curve will always be shaped by what you do on a daily basis and the interest you develop around a subject. Self learning with a great purpose and determination will lead to a prosperous future.
  • Success: What’s success look like in your own world? And how do you know you have succeeded? Mapping and tracking your success paths will always trigger great enthusiasm from dreaming to reality by taking action.
  • Exploration: Explore new areas of interest, don’t lock your dreams and potentials in silos, be flexible to learn something new whilst this will shape your career path, and in depth interest. Visit new places, interact with diverse cultures, meet new people and the list is endless. Exploration will unlock new potentials and create new paradigms. Our future is shaped by what we are exposed to, be at the right place at the right time!
  • Network: “Your Network is your Net worth”. – Porter Gale; Connect with people who will inspire you to become even better and help boost your learning curve and connections. Collaborate with others whilst it will build strong bridges and pillars of support for your ideas, provide mentor-ship, coaching and new opportunities.

Based on a true story of the founder at Wi. Journey since 1997…


Through the campaign we were able to reach 20 kids with football and football boots. Thanks to everyone who participated in the donation. There are still many who are still in need, so don’t hesitate to connect us with any pairs that you are not using.